Attention Hypnotists! Imagine Transforming Your Passion Into a Wildly Successful $10K+ Per Month Business that Supports Your Juicy Dream Life!

Attention Hypnotists! Imagine Transforming Your Passion Into a Wildly Successful $10K+ Per Month Business that Supports Your Juicy Dream Life!


Get the Foundations to Scale Your Hypnosis Business to Six Figures, Guaranteed!

(Or We'll Work with You Until You Do)

This offer is available for a limited-time only

Imagine Enrolling 1-2 Additional Clients Every Day, Effortlessly!

You can transcend the barriers that have held you back and achieve the consistent six-figure practice that you've always dreamed of. Bid farewell to money anxiety, sleepless nights, futile efforts to entice clients, and feeling adrift in a sea of competition.

"Foundations to Scale Your Practice to Six Figures" is for you because you're a certified Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist that has tasted the sweetness of success with occasional $10k months and you yearn for more! You desire a thriving practice that provides the peace of financial stability. Yet, you find yourself teetering on the brink of burnout, as:

  • Consistently attracting clients remains a mirage.

  • ​Sales calls seem daunting and enrolling clients morphs into an uphill task.

  • ​The intricacies of marketing and technology loom over you, intimidating and overwhelming.

  • ​Your voice drowns in the market's cacophony, a result of lacking confidence and effective strategies.

What if we could chart a path to resolve these challenges, designed exclusively for you?

In our strategy call, we'll dive into the depths of your practice, unearth your unique challenges, and craft a roadmap to success.

We'll explore how our "Foundations to Scale to Six Figures" program can be your compass, directing you to establish a six-figure business that resonates with your vision and passion and utilizes your unique gifts. This is NOT a cookie-cutter solution!

This program is a comprehensive, personalized system that paves the way for you to scale to six-figures and beyond.

  • Client Acquisition: Uncover a tried and tested system to consistently attract and enroll your ideal dream clients, effectively increasing your revenue and fulfillment.

  • Marketing Mastery: No longer feel overwhelmed by marketing. Embrace simple yet powerful strategies to cultivate your practice.

  • ​Industry Leadership: We'll assist you in honing skills and boosting confidence, propelling you to the forefront in a cluttered market.

  • ​Technology to Scale: Embrace a sophisticated suite of technological tools designed to simplify marketing, follow-up, sales, and client retention, all geared to propel your business without burnout.

Why should you reserve a call?

Efforts to carve your path alone, both in terms of time and money, often culminate in frustration and stagnation. 

Our program promises to shave years off your growth trajectory!

Now, visualize a clear route to success with expert guidance at each step - this is our offering. This strategy call marks the beginning of your transformation.

Your Path to a Six-Figure Practice is Simpler Than You Think!

The "Foundations to Scale Your Practice to Six Figures" program is a beacon for all hypnosis practitioners, irrespective of your career stage. If your commitment to achieve your goals is unwavering, it's time to invest in your growth. DIY is a recipe for overwhelm, loneliness, and potential burnout.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This program operates on an exclusive invitation-only basis. I partner solely with clients whom I can help actualize what's promised. Hence, certain prerequisites must be met before gaining access. Your best interests are paramount - I vow never to sell you something you're not prepared for!

- Melanie

What You’ll Get:

 Step-By-Step Training Curriculum

Get your hands on the exact systems & processes that we use and are essential to creating the firm Foundations of a Six Figure Practice (each video in our curriculum is only 10-15 minutes long & comes with an action guide - some of our most successful clients skip the videos altogether and simply implement what's inside each guide)...

 Neuroscience of Success Coaching

Get hypno-coaching on how to handle money anxiety, resistance and self-sabotage with self-hypnosis, so you can effectively APPLY the learnings in the program and can prepare to scale your business, fast, without ever burning out!

 Unlimited Curriculum Support

Get unlimited support so that you never have to wait to get clarity and you make lightning-fast progress in applying the proven sales, marketing and tech strategies to reach steady $10k+ months!

 Clients-Only ZOOM Support Group

Join our community of hypnotists and coaches who are committed to growing their business to six figures and beyond, without ever burning out!

 Done-With-You HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™

Get the all-in-one business software solution for a thriving hypnosis practice, including pro website with local SEO, essential funnels, booking calendar, email autoresponder, payment processing, two-way SMS and more, plus our team of experts to help you customize it!

 1-On-1 Signature Offer Refinement

It's no secret: The success or failure of your practice comes down to your niched offer. Most *think* they have a good offer, but once it's put to the test, their offer turns out to be a dud. Let us work with you 1:1 on your offer... to make sure it's priced effectively, set up to get your clients results, and fully scalable... 

 Done-With-You Marketing Plan

Your Prosperity lies in your Authenticity... We'll help you to create a marketing plan that attracts your dream clients using strategies that resonate with your unique gifts. 

 Done-With-You Phone Scripts

Over the past 22 years, I've developed a heart-centered phone script that converts at 80%, and we'll give it to you... (imagine what that would mean for you if you started generating 1-2 qualified calls/day)...

Limited-Time Bonuses:

 1-On-1 Coaching

Not only will you get access to the core curriculum & get plugged into my group coaching calls, but you’ll also receive TWO private 1-on-1 hypno-coaching sessions with me directly, so I can help answer any questions, provide feedback, and make sure you’re on the right track... with hypnotherapy!

  Personal Accountability Coach

Our mission is to help you get the EXACT result you want, so you'll have WEEKLY 1:1 zoom meetings with your accountability coach, who's sole focus is ensuring you take the actions necessary to achieve the results you're committed to achieving.

 My Programmed for Prosperity™ Self-Hypnosis for Entrepreneurs 

Get the course that's helped more than 120 entrepreneurs eliminate self sabotage and earn far more money, with less work and more JOY! You'll simultaneously raise your financial thermostat and happiness setpoint!

This offer is available for a limited-time only



  • The Entrepreneur's Hypnotherapist™ and Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis.

  • ​With more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, she combines the neuroscience of success, money mindset, sales confidence training, hypnosis and NLP to help you quickly remove subconscious blocks and end the cycle of procrastination and self sabotage.

  • ​Lives by the mantra - "The Happier You are, the More Money You Make!"

  • ​​Her mission? Facilitate your breakthrough so you can reach your highest potential!


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?





Our Method to Make More Money with Less Work Has Already Helped
More Than 500 People Around The World...

Name: Steph

Industry: Online Marketing Coach

Results: Clarity and sense for money making opportunities intensified!

Name: Jaqueline

Industry: Life Coach

Results: Shifted her energy around money, and saw a generous flow of new coaching clients!

Name: Jumana

Industry: Energy Healer

Results: Exclaims "Melanie is magic!"

Name: Vibeke

Industry: Pet Grief Coach

Results: Eliminated procrastination.

Name: Sean

Industry: Copywriter

Results: Doubled income, doing 1/2 the work!

Name: Donna

Industry:  Health Coach + Real Estate

Results: Resigned from a toxic job to go full time... and reclaimed her JOY!

Name: Jo

Industry: Life Coach

Results: released the fear & stress around money, attracted money and opportunities, and increased her JOY!

Name: Polly

Industry: World Class Speaker

Results: Released the hustle & grind that threatened her health and embraced her magic!

Name: Sean

Industry: Copywriting

Results: Doubled income, with 1/2 the work!

Copywriting review

Name: Jennifer

Industry: Serial Entrepreneur

Results: Fast track to manifestation!

Serial Entrepreneur review
Copywriting review
Copywriting reivew
Serial Entrepreneur review

Name: Jody

Industry: Musician

Results: Ended money anxiety.


Name: Rosie

Industry: Business Coach

Results: Raised financial thermostat!

Business Coach

Name: Carly

Industry: Business Coach

Results: Free from money anxiety

How can I even begin to describe how your work has transformed my feelings around money? I’m sending every single one of my clients to you and more. Complete utter peace around money and spending, even in tight situations that would normally induce fear and anxiety. I’m free! Thank you!  - Carly D

Name: Paul

Industry: Business Coach

Results: Bounced back from burnout!

Melanie worked her magic on me when I was getting burned out frustrated with a work situation. She took me through a very simple (and painless) process to help me identify why these things bothered me but more importantly why they shouldn't. I noticed change the next day and it set me off on a new path. I have new insights and understandings that have opened up new opportunities and I am much more relaxed than I was. Melanie is great at this and I recommend her 100%.  - Paul T

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

This offer is available for a limited-time only


Book Your 1:1 Call Today & Get This Free Bonus...

Zero Burnout Business
Growth Workshop

Zero Burnout Business  Growth Melanie McCool


In this workshop you'll get insight into what I’ve learned over more than 20 years in business about the neuroscience of success, as well as the methods to overcome burnout or avoid it altogether that I've developed through my work with over 500 clients.

This will save you so much heartache and time and help you avoid all the painful mistakes even the best high achieving entrepreneurs make along the way.

Book Your 1:1 Call Today & Get Access to the Workshop For Free...

We will help you eliminate money anxiety and self-sabotage as you establish the Foundations to Scale Your Practice to Six Figures!

Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get When You
Get Foundations to Scale!

Guarantee No Risk

#1: “Foundations To Scale Your Practice” Step-by-Step Training Curriculum

#2: 1-On-1 Coaching with Melanie

#3: Personal Accountability Coach

#4: 1-On-1 Signature Offer Refinement

#5: Done-With-You Phone Scripts

#6: Done-With-You HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™

#7: Clients-Only Zoom Success Mastermind

#8: Programmed for Prosperity™ Self-Hypnosis Course

#9: Risk-Free Guarantee so that you know this is a no-brainer solution that will help you get to steady $10K+ months in your practice!

We are so confident our process will work for you...

we guarantee you'll get your HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™ working for you, or we'll continue working with you for free until you do...

This offer is available for a limited-time only

Melanie McCool, C.Ht. is Proudly Certified in:

HypnoBiz in a Box

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