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Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement

We are pleased to have you as an affiliate of HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™. As an affiliate, you have access to valuable proprietary information and trade secrets that are vital to the success of our business. To protect these assets, we kindly request that you review and sign the following Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreement:

1. Non-Disclosure Obligations:

a. During the course of your affiliation with HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™, you may have access to confidential information, including but not limited to business plans, financial data, customer lists, marketing strategies, and any other information marked as "confidential" or that should be reasonably understood as confidential.

b. You agree to keep all such information strictly confidential and not to disclose it to any third party including company representatives or employees, without the prior written consent of HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™.

c. This obligation of confidentiality shall continue both during and after your affiliation with HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™, and shall remain in effect for a period of two years from the termination of our affiliation.

2. Non-Compete Obligations:

a. During your affiliation with HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™ and for a period of two years after the termination of our affiliation, you agree not to directly or indirectly engage in any business activity that competes with HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™, world-wide.

b. This non-compete obligation applies to engaging in similar business ventures, providing similar products or services, or engaging in any activity that may be considered detrimental to the interests of HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™.

c. This non-compete obligation shall be reasonable and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

3. Return of Property:

a. Upon the termination of our affiliation, you agree to promptly return to HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™ any and all property, documents, or materials belonging to HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™ that are in your possession or control.

b. This includes, but is not limited to, any confidential information, marketing materials, or any other property provided to you during your affiliation.

Please carefully review the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. If you have any questions or concerns, it is advisable to seek independent legal advice.

To indicate your acceptance of these terms, please sign below. This Agreement shall become effective upon our receipt of the signed Agreement.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of HypnoBiz-in-a-Box™. We value your contribution as an affiliate and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.


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